Types of Microwave Ovens : Buy The Best One

Are you seeking to replace your older (rather primitive) microwave oven with a new one? Perhaps, you might also spend some dollars to get a new microwave oven for the very first time. The very first thing that you need to decide is whether to go to get a convection or conventional microwave oven. Therefore, first decide the range of model and you’ll be clear about the deciding factors prior to going for a microwave oven. In this short article, let’s discuss a few of the differences between convection and microwave ovens that are conventional.

A magnetron tube powers a fundamental microwave oven which emits microwaves which pass through glass containers & plastic containers and are taken up the food. A microwave convection oven makes use of a newer kind of technology which integrates basic microwave technology using heat energy which makes it possible for you to brown, roast and grills your favorite food. These types of oven have a heating element besides a buff that helps in the circulation of heated air.

Microwave ovens can also be entrusted upon the job of cooking based upon the sort of food you want to cook. A microwave convection oven can also be known as the speed-cook model that can also be employed to prepare crustier pizzas and juicier pot roasts. Some models additionally has units that come with a pan used to cook bacon and crisp bread.

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Microwave convection ovens have been famous for their versatility due to their capacity to allow consumers to make use of the microwave and heat functions in tandem, but equally as a separate function. Multiple cooking modes or options in a single wave oven are rapidly catching up as a definite trend in microwave oven technology and it’s continuously improving to create a cooking experience better.

It is a still a matter of personal taste that inquires you if to go for a conventional microwave or a microwave convection oven however one can expect microwave oven with convection features to be a lot more expensive.

Another popular form of heating system integrates microwave with the mild energy of higher intensity from a quartz halogen bulb because its source to roast food. This method may add color and taste to meat at the same time accelerating time required for cooking.

Advantages Of Microwave Ovens

Nowadays, microwaves are getting to be a significant part every kitchen. It’s started replacing many other appliances because of its versatility. The microwave has its own merits which make them the most preferred choice. These attributes are:

O They help to retain the taste and flavor of the food cooked.
O they’re quite cost efficient and secure to use.
O Microwave ovens do not require being pre-heated unlike the traditional ovens and can be used for cooking with no delay once switched on.
O Cooking in microwaves avoid the heating up of the surroundings as with gas stoves which makes the kitchen space hot.
O Microwave cooking helps to overcome the scents generated while cooking.
O The stains caused by food spills on the kitchen walls and table are averted when utilizing microwave ovens for cooking.
O Microwaves do not need to be cleaned frequently as gas stoves. They can be just wiped with a moist cloth to remove dirt and food particles.
O Cooking meals are faster and require less effort especially if using double ovens that have the qualities of a conventional and microwave oven.

Disadvantages Of Microwave Ovens

Like any other kitchen appliance, microwaves to have some demerits. On the other hand, the merits certainly outweigh the demerits.

O There are chances of the food becoming overcooked or unevenly cooked.
O All kinds of utensils cannot be used for cooking in microwave ovens. Microwave-safe vessels and containers should be used for cooking.
O Certain sort of food cannot be used for cooking in a microwave oven.
O Since microwaves heat things quickly, it isn’t safe to heat fluids as they can be superheated leading to explosions.
O There is a higher risk of steam blasts from the microwaves which is caused due to the tight covering of containers.

Strategies For A Safe Microwave Cooking

Observing some suggestions that ensure safe cooking with the microwave ovens:

O Never cover the containers used for microwave cooking closely as it causes pressure to build up within the containers resulting in steam blasts.O Never open containers immediately after ingestion.
O Never take out heated containers shortly after cooking from the microwave. This will help to cook the food correctly and also allows the steam to escape. Let them cool for sometime prior to removing.
O Never warm liquids for more than two minutes. When heating fluids, it’s highly recommended to set a wooden stick in the container to prevent super heating of liquid.
O Never reheat a hot liquid in the microwave because it could lead to faster super heating.
O it’s advisable to read the directions on the microwave’s guide prior to cooking. They offer the necessary details regarding secure cooking with microwave ovens.
O Never allow children to run a microwave by themselves. Proper adult supervision is required to avoid any mishaps.

All About Washing Machines and Tips on Maintaining Them

A washer or washing machine is a gadget made to clothing sheets, towels and dress. The vast majority of the washers work by utilizing a substance activity, warm vitality and mechanical vitality. The warm vitality is given through the high temperature of the flush or wash shower. The mechanical vitality is uncovered to the garments stack by the tumbling development of the drum in the front loaders or by the turning of the instigator in the best loaders.

All have a few cycles. The best loader typical cycle is generally quicker than the front loader cycle. The front loader’s wash cycles are additionally accessible in a quick cycle. The front stacking plans are prominent all through the Middle East and Europe.

Various washing machines have different activities and preset projects modified for various materials like perpetual presses, sensitive textures or cotton and in addition the heap estimate. A few models have catch controlled computerized settings. Different models have dials.

For the most part, models have no under three arrangements of levels and wash settings like full, medium and low. There are likewise current machines that element aquastop, kid bolt, postponed execution, time remaining sign and steam. Current washing machines utilize a littler measure of water.

Business machines are intended for long haul and for more incessant use since it highlights extraordinary capacity than style. The majority of the business washing machines have sharp-edged square interests and stainless steel to lessen rust.

A modern machine can stretch out from business machines keeping in mind the end goal to incorporate seriously manhandled fabric cleaning capacities, expansive limits and computerized mechanical sequential construction system frameworks. A mechanical washing machine can likewise be utilized to process more than 140kg or 300 pounds of material without a moment’s delay and it can likewise go to bat for remarkable machine-damaging washing undertakings like texture fading or stone washing and coloring.

Deal with your machines since they are very costly. As upkeep tips, assess consistently the fittings and hoses. Ensure the fittings are not consumed, there is no water dribbling and the hoses are not rankled or broken. It regards supplant the fittings and hoses at regular intervals. Level the washing machine. Utilize the woodworker level apparatuses and modify the machine feet until the point that the air pockets show that the washing machine is leveled.

Keep the outsides of clean. Blanches and cleansers as a rule not harm the outsides of the washing machine. Be that as it may, a stain remover and different sorts of chemicals can be put away over your washing machine.

Clean the tub of your washing machine now and again. It should be possible in a perfect world like clockwork. Setup in its “hot” level. In the event that there is a setting for additional unclean garments, pick that. Permit the washing machine tub end up plainly loaded with water, include some preparing pop and afterward some white refined vinegar. At the point when the machine tub starts to deplete, propel the cycle so as to turn. After the cycle closes, set up the machine to “icy” and run another cycle. Flush the washing allocator. On the off chance that you evacuate it absorb it boiling water.

Utilize fewer measures of cleansers and cleansers. Your garments can be cleaned utilizing just a large portion of the prescribed sum. Weaken the cleanser in water or white refined water. It is noticed that fluid cleanser is a considerable measure superior to powder.

The benefit of free support benefits that organizations generally offer. Call an administration individual to expel the title page of your washing machine and to clean within divide.

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Factors to Consider while Buying Kitchen Hobs

In today’s modern kitchen hobs are an absolute must-have kitchen appliance especially when you using good kitchen chimney brands as both complements each other and provides multiple benefits. The modern kitchen looks complete, smart and edgy with in-built hobs. It is beneficial as it saves a lot of space and keeps the kitchen clean and chic at the same time.

 Hobs work quite better to conservative stoves and cooktops when it comes to their operations. Hobs are much simple to use and clean as associated to free standing stoves and hobs which are more durable and steady as compared to outdated stoves.

Additionally, hobs come with different types of flames and likewise upkeep all methods of cooking and pressing. They come with modern features counting alarms and timers which can be preset to stop burning and overdoing. In other words, a hob makes your life stress-free by taming the total cooking capability. We understand how irresistible it is to find the product out of all which fit all your wants and stresses. Here’s why we have come up with a list of top kitchen hob with all needed features you must know before you make buying the result. If you’re using good kitchen chimney brands then a kitchen hob is an absolute must have. Before buying in kindly bear in mind the following points mentioned below.

2 Major Factors for Consideration While Buying Kitchen Hob


 It is one of the most significant factors as the hob is integrated into the counter. The slab has to be cut as per the cutting dimensions of the Hob. The cutting breadth is lesser than the surface measurement of the hob.

Hob Surface

 The surface of the hob comes in Tempered Glass and Stainless steel with different types of finish. Some have features like scratch resistance, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance

Microsoft Exams and How to Prepare

In case you’re dreading taking your 70-410 exam or your 70-411 exam, you’re not alone. These exams can be challenging and being properly prepared for it does take a considerable measure out of the effort. The best approach to prepare for these exams is to practice them. Attempt to discover past exam papers of the same type online to see in the event that you can pass those. This is a very effective method for a concentrate that will have you passing and getting your certification in no time. In case you’re feeling like you don’t have enough inspiration to push through, motivate yourself with what it will mean on the off chance that you pass. The chance to get better work once you pass these exams is high and it helps to open numerous entryways.

Successfully passing the 70-411 Administering Windows Server exam, tallies towards an MCSA certification. Having this certification has a number of advantages for IT professionals. Right off the bat, because it validates your abilities to employers; successfully passing this exam proves you are completely certified in this area. This certification can be added to your CV, which will help you to move up in your career way. You’ll have a major advantage when applying for occupations that fall in the field of this certification, making you one of the best candidates for the activity and increase your chances of being chosen. Since your certification means you are more knowledgeable about this field, you’ll be able to complete your undertakings substantially more efficiently, making you a greater asset to your employers. At long last, having this certification demonstrates that you’re willing to learn. IT professionals always need to update their ranges of abilities to remain competitive, and by having a certification like this you’re indicating employers that you’re exploiting opportunities to increase your knowledge base whenever you can.

The 70-410 Installing and Configuring Windows Server exam certification additionally tallies towards an MCSA certification. Preparing for both of these exams is significant in the event that you need to acquire an MCSA certification. As mentioned earlier, the best approach to prepare for an exam is by honing earlier tests. You can discover 70-410 exam questions and 70-411 questions and answers by utilizing exam dump websites like Exam-Labs.com. This website offers past 70-410 and 70-411 exam questions and answers completely free of charge. They likewise have a YouTube channel that you can use to prepare for exams. They have a video specifically aimed at preparing users for the 70-410 exam.

On the website itself, you’ll be able to discover exam questions and also detailed explanations of the answers. Under each question, there’s additionally a choice to examine it with other users of the website in the event that you need further help or elucidation about something. Once you’ve adequately prepared by rehearsing the past exam papers, your chances of passing your exams and getting your MCSA certification is a ton higher. Be sure to use this free apparatus to help you prepare for your forthcoming exams to the best of your abilities.

Ranga Reddy District Court Admit Card 2015 Hall Ticket

Ranga Reddy District Court Admit Card 2015 Details:

Ranga Reddy District Court Hall ticket 2015 this is to notify all the applicants regarding the download of the admit cards for the exams that are being applied for. The applicants are given the complete information regarding the getting of the hall ticket and the candidates only with hall tickets are allowed as stated by the Ranga Reddy District Court Admit Card 2015 for writing the exam. The candidates are given the complete guidelines in downloading the admit cards for the clear procedure you can navigate to the page below.

Download Ranga Reddy District Court Hall ticket 2015:

As per the official notification released by the Ranga Reddy District Court Admit Card 2015 the candidates are not provided with any information regarding the details of the exam dates and the place of the exam being conducted such kind of the information is updated soon in the site provided below so the job of the applicants is to be regularly updated at regular intervals to the page given below. The applicants who all have applied for the posts that their ability suits the best it’s the time for them to download the admit card. The applicants without the admit card are not allowed under any circumstances to attend the exam so it’s the prior intimation to all the applicants by Ranga Reddy District Court Hall ticket 2015 to download the admit card and keep it safe for the future reference.

Latest Admit Cards 2015:

Ranga Reddy District Court Admit Card 2015 states that the applicants need to apply for the download the admit cards before the link expires. Ranga Reddy District Court Admit Card 2015 tells clearly that candidates need to wait for some more time regarding the information of the tentative dates of the exam that are being scheduled by the committee and once it got decided it gets updated in the site provided and the job of the all the applicants is to get regularly updated to the site where all the latest information regarding the post is available.

Organization Name: Ranga Reddy District Court

Official Website: www. ecourts.gov.in/rangareddy

Announcement: Ranga Reddy District Court Admit Card 2015

Exam Date: Not decided

How Writing Challenges Will Help Stop Writers Block

The usefulness of doing short writing challenges. Now I don’t believe there is a writer out there who from time to time does not get writer’s block. Yes, I have felt them coming on myself, so far touch wood I have managed to spot/sense they are about to happen and have managed to divert them. It is unknown exactly what causes writer’s block; perhaps it is boredom or the loss of thought. Block Have you been stressed out with school and other things lately could that be causing writer’s block don’t worry it is not some sort of disease or illness. No matter what the cause, writer’s block is something that can be handled and overcome. It is difficult to know the true cause of writer’s block because of the fact that a condition that cripples one person may encourage or inspire another. Having weak motivation can be a cause of writer’s block, lack of planning can often be a cause of block when a writer has no initiative on how to go forward with their story. Perfectionism can cause writer’s block because it leads to anxiety, so don’t be pedantic. Writer’s block is a common occurrence, even believe it or not among professional writers, that good news is that there are a number of different approaches that you can take to get roughly speaking around writer’s block. Perhaps, the most effective way to get over your writer’s block is to not think about writing for a while, sometimes changing the way that you are writing can help. The above-mentioned approaches are just a few of the many that you can take to overcome writer’s block. You will need to experiment and find the approach that best helps you to overcome writer’s block. I have a handful of little tricks that I use when I feel a writer’s block coming on, because somehow I know instinctively when this is about to happen to me, and find prevention to be better than cure. I write something every day, it doesn’t matter what it is, just whatever takes my fancy, a bit of what you fancy can help keep writer’s block away. Don’t let yourself write about things you don’t know about or understand, always write from the heart, as if you do otherwise it won’t be long before writer’s block will get to you. Write anywhere, not just at your keyboard, goodness the last thing you should do is become an out and out introvert because as a writer you have to go out and watch/experience life or eventually you will find yourself unable to write! Illness can be a main cause of writers block, I mean who on earth feels like writing when they have a stomach bug and cannot get off the toilet, having said that after a day in bed with flu I find myself sneaking the laptop in and popping it on the bed with me, laughing, I just cannot help myself. One thing that always works for me is to write something totally different, and then I can go back later and continue with whatever project I have got bored with beforehand. I often find myself playing with a handful of random sentences and part sentences, making up little stories out of them, try it, it works. Here are a few sentences for you to try it out on, just pick whichever ones you fancy and let me know how you get on. 1. She put the candle out and the moonlight filtered in through the window. 2. How could she? 3. She was smoldering inside with righteous indignation. 4. He stood still at the sink wondering how on earth he was going to get out of this situation. 5. She felt like wanted to laugh cry or hit him all at the same time. 6. The spoon gleamed as she picked it up, she could see her reflection the shiny silver which didn’t have a single smudge mark on it. Now you can read the result below: The detective meets the murderer It was dark and eerie as the clouds covered the moon making it almost impossible for the detective to see properly as she lay in the long grass watching over the horses in the field. She shivered in the cold night air a little voice in her head that she must be mad to be out there alone. She knew she should have brought someone with her as back up. A shot rang out into the silent night and the detective jumped to her feet, half in shock and half out of instinct she ran into the field, seeing a shadow fall to the ground as she did so. She found herself looking down at the body of her client, oozing blood from a rifle wound in the neck, which was pumping blood through its vein at an alarming rate. She bent down trying to stop the flow of blood from gushing out with one hand as she dialed for the ambulance and Police with the other. She had no idea where the shot had come from; as she looked behind her rapidly dying client on the ground she saw a pair of knees in jeans.

Necessary Things to Create a Udemy Online Course

It is possible that you are considering on the off chance that you ought to make an online course or you have really settled on a choice to take that way, you are in all probability pondering what you require before beginning.

Anybody can make an incredible Udemy course, yet you should give the best of you. Udemy platform is filled with second-rate courses, so it is truly critical to emerge. There are a couple of essential basic strides you should take before starting making your course.

The underlying stride would be to (better believe it! you hit the nail on the head!) select a theme for your course. Everybody has a capacity he enjoys, a recreation action he overwhelms or maybe a product in his employment he’s talented with. You can be an educator of anything you can concoct. In a perfect world, you’ll need to be eager about the subject or the course will most likely need intrigue and you won’t have such an awesome time while building up the course.

The subjects can run from “Exchanging for fledglings” to “How to prepare a little cat” so don’t reconsider to pick a point you cherish.

You’ll additionally need to choose the organization of the lessons. The majority of the course is required to be video based, Udemy requests no less than 60% of the lessons. All things considered, you can choose whether you might want to utilize slideshow based lessons, shot instructional recordings or mash-up (introduction with video).

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From that point forward, you should create a course design. Recognize everything that you might want to teach and change it into partitioned lessons. Figure the time you can commit every day to making this course and the quantity of classes you’ll have the capacity to make day by day. You ought to have an objective discharge date at the top of the priority list, or you will put things off and squander a considerable measure of time!

The accompanying thing you will require is a suitable amplifier. The sound nature of the lessons is among the most imperative issues of a course. All things considered, Udemy fastidiously surveys the sound before empowering you to distribute a course. Try not to stress excessively, this ought not to transform into a substantial speculation, there are great amplifiers in the $30-$50 territories.

On the off chance that you choose to do recorded video lessons, you’ll most likely need a camera and a tripod. Most cell phones today have sufficient cameras to shoot the classes, yet in the event that you might want to make the video quality one stride further, you might need to buy an appropriate camera. Tripod is totally required paying little mind to whether you decide to film in your cell phone or not.

To finish up, you should have a video altering program. It is critical to utilize a product to construct the video lessons and consolidate the vital impacts to make it all the more captivating.

To put it plainly, everything that is expected to start is:

The subject for your course.

  • A course design.
  • An appropriate mouthpiece.
  • A camera and its tripod.
  • A video altering apparatus.

The best thing is that you truly don’t require a ton to begin in addition to the cost is least. That makes this sort of wander workable for any individual who will contribute his vitality on it.

NVS LDC Recruitment 2015 50 Store Keeper/Lower Division Clerks

NVS Lower Division Clerk Recruitment 2015

NVS LDC Recruitment 2015 Notification is inviting the applications of the job hunters who are interested in working in an appropriate organization of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti which is in Shillong. NVS Shillong Recruitment 2015 has published on 22nd August 2015 and it is mentioned that there are about 50 vacancies with the posts of Lower Division Clerk (LDC) / Store Keeper.

NVS Store Keeper Notification 2015

NVS Lower Division Clerk Recruitment 2015 is asking the candidates to have a qualification of Intermediate and also the candidate need to have some special kind of skills like an average speed in typing Hindi and English and some other skills as mentioned in the notification. NVS LDC Recruitment 2015 is ready to recruit the people who have this qualification, but they should also satisfy the age criteria of 18 to 27 years.The application should be done offline by filling the printed application forms.

NVS Lower Division Clerk (LDC) Vacancies 2015

The fully filled applications with all the correct details should be sent to the postal address mentioned clearly in the website of NVS Shillong Recruitment 2015 Notification. The salary paid is according to the employee satisfaction and the organization satisfaction and it is of Rs. 5200-20200 + Grade Pay Rs. 1900/-. The applications are accepted only if they submit before the mentioned date of 22nd September 2015. The posting will be in Shillong. There is no application fee for all candidates and more details about the mode of selection is given in the official pdf of NVS Lower Division Clerk Recruitment 2015i.e., www.nvsroshillong.gov.in.

NVS Store Keeper Jobs 2015:

Organization Name: Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti (NVS)

Official Website: nvsroshillong.gov.in

Name of the Post: Lower Division Clerk (LDC) / Store Keeper

Number of Positions: Total 50 Posts

Education Qualification: Should have the qualification Intermediate and also some special skills mentioned in the notification

Age Limit: 18 to 27 years

Salary: Rs. 5200-20200 + Grade Pay Rs. 1900/-

Location: Shillong

Job Act: Govt Jobs

How to Apply: Apply through offline

NVS LDC Admit Card 2015: No information

Important Dates:

Last Date: 22nd September 2015

Whey Protein Powder And Its Benefits


Whey protein is basically a sound sustenance drink and adds to the vital nourishment required every day by the body. It is fluid material which is gotten from drain when it coagulates. Whey originates from drain protein. This specific kind of protein happens to roughly have around 70-80% of unadulterated protein. It’s very mainstream among different individuals; from artists, health food nuts to weight lifters. Since this happens to satisfy a standout amongst the most required nourishing element of the body, it is devoured in vast amounts by numerous. It resembles a caffeinated drink.

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Why Whey Protein Powder?

When you are under prescription whey protein gives you some sort of vitality which keeps going long. It can be utilized as an impeccable eating regimen particularly when you are in a circumstance where you can’t eat other strong sustenances.

It can be utilized by individuals who are on exercises. Whey protein can be an additional sustenance in your menu list. Actually, this specific powder ought to be devoured just earlier or after the exercise; as it causes the body to recover vitality.

It’s extremely real since whey protein is sans lactose and is valuable for diabetic individuals.

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Principal motivation to pick this is a direct result of its stomach related property. This protein powder gets processed sooner than just proteins.

Amid the exercises, Whey proteins in addition to natural products can be twice effective.

Best Whey Protein Powder

Since you became acquainted with that this powder is wealthier in proteins. The most ideal approach to take this powder is expend it in the wake of blending it with drain. Scarcely any proteins like Casein, Soy and Protein Blends are included different sorts of the protein drink. Each has their own particular huge employment. Moderate processing and intriguing assortment of peptides are few of their conspicuous results.

Here is a rundown of Most Powerful Protein powders-

  • Myotein
  • Syntha-6
  • Gasparu Nutrition MyoFusion
  • Genuine mass
  • 100% Casein Protein

Any best protein item will give you less impacts since we tend to change to various items and when we do that, the dullness of our body framework neglects to respond. In any case, changing the brand every so often is a superior choice. Another counsel is to include the whey protein powder in every day nourishment to enhance the flavor and furthermore increment the protein content. Do recollect that any sort of protein is not put away in the body, similar to the vitamins and minerals which are really put away inside the body. Yet, in the event of the proteins, they should be devoured consistently, and thus these powders enable you to accomplish that. It is ideal to purchase this powder in mass than purchasing in littler amounts. Ensure you go for a superior brand as you won’t have the capacity to recognize the great and the best powder.

WBSEDCL Special Officer Recruitment 2015 Walk in Interview Details

WBSEDCL Special Officer Recruitment 2015 Walk in Interview Notification is good news for all the candidates of the electrical department here is the core opportunity that is waiting for you now what’s late get yourself prepared and fire on the exam and grab the most wonderful chance working with the West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (WBSEDCL) as there are very few positions specified a very big competition will be there now to get the chance for you now to make yourself prepared for the examination a complete notification regarding the notice is given and the candidates need to go through it twice before making the decision.

Special Officer (Land) Jobs in WBSEDCL 2015:

WBSEDCL Special Officer Recruitment 2015 says that the retired candidates having the relevant experience in the corresponding fields are given the chance to rule through and the interested candidates need to appear to the specified venue on the relevant date and make their presence for the actions that are being performed for the complete information regarding the notification is provided to all via the link specified one need to go through the specified notification and make their arrangements accordingly and the candidates need to attend at the venue as specified in the notice other means of the timing is not accepted.

WBSEDCL Special Officer Jobs Notification 2015:

WBSEDCL Walk in Recruitment 2015 says that the candidates need to make themselves clear before attending the walk-in interview whether they meet the specified criteria or not and the candidates can get the complete details regarding the procedure and the process as that will be updated in the portal soon and now its responsibility of the every individual to get updated on regular basis to site specified to grab all the attracting news of the appointment of candidates. the candidates appearing after the defined date and the time is not at all entertained under any circumstances.

WBSEDCL Special Officer Vacancies 2015 Eligibility:

Organization Name:  West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (WBSEDCL)

Official Website:  www.wbsedcl.in

Name of the Post: Special Officer (Land)

Number of Positions: 19 positions

Education Qualification: Retired Govt. An officer with the land background having served as SDLLRO/Dy. DLLRO / Spl.LAO/Addl.LAO/SRO-I/ SRO-II at least for a period of 2 years

Age Limit: 63 years

Salary: Rs 25000/-

Location: West Bengal

Job Act: Management Jobs

Selection Criteria: Interview test

How To Apply: Offline

Important Dates:

Application Form Starting Date:08-05-2015

Application Form Last Date:22-05-2015